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The Roll-Around Barbeque Cart

Step 21: Cut the miters for the front, back and side rails (AA & BB) of the Cart to assembly (See Figure 10). Next, cut out the utensil holder (CC) and condiment holder (DD) pieces. See Figure 10.

Step 22: Using glue and 3/8-inch diameter x 1-inch dowels, put the top assembly together (Z, AA, BB). NOTE:  Be sure to apply a liberal coat of glue around all edges of the top (Z) to prevent any moisture or spills from seeping into the laminate substrate. If you're planning to leave your Cart outdoors, use waterproof glue. See Figure 10.

Step 23: Mount the top assembly to the base assembly, using 1-1/4-inch x #8 wood screws. See Figure 11.

Step 24: Mount the utensil holder (CC ) to the side of the top assembly using two 1-1/4-inch x #8 wood screws. See Figure 10.

Step 25: Round the edges of the condiment holder using a belt sander or router and mount it to the laminate top with four 1-1/4-inch x #6 wood screws. See Figure 10.  If you prefer, counterbore the screw holes and fill them with wooden plugs.

Step 26: Finish sand the entire Cart. Be careful not to scuff your laminate surfaces in the process.

Step 27: Apply a stain, oil or other finish of your choice.

Step 28: Install the slide-out cutting board/shelf (Q) and glue the 1/4-inch dowel pin into position as a stop.

Step 29: Mount the pulls of your choice on the drawers and slide-out shelf.

Step 30: Mount the casters

Step 31: Enjoy !

Figure 9 Figure 10 Figure 11


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