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The Roll-Around Barbeque Cart

Step 5: Mount cleats (L) to the insides of the four legs (G) as shown in Figure 4, using 3/8-inch diameter x 1-inch long  dowel pins.  Position them 7-1/4inches down from the tops of the legs (G) or sides (F).

Step 6: Cut 1/4-inch by 3/8-inch deep tongue & groove joints in the web frame stiles and rails (pieces H, I and J), as shown in
Figure 3.

Step 7: Glue-up the web frame assembly as shown in Figure 3.

Step 8: Mount the web frame assembly to the top surfaces of the cleats you glued into position in step #5, above, using four 1-1/4-inch x #8 wood screws.  See Figures 3 & 4

Step 9: Cut the dado and rabbet joints in the drawer fronts and backs (parts W) and the drawer sides (parts V), as shown in Figure 5.

Step 10: Cut the 1-inch wide by 1/4-inch deep notches in the drawer fronts/backs (parts W) (see Figure 5).  These notches will slide on the drawer runners (parts K, Figure 3) when assembled.

Step 11: Using glue, assemble the drawer sides (V) front/back (W) and bottom (X), as shown in Figure 5.

Step 12: Using the drawer assemblies you made in step 11, above as guides, glue the drawer runners (K) to the web frame assembly as shown in Figure 3.  Be sure the drawers slide smoothly in and out before leaving the runners to dry.

Step 13: Using a router or belt sander, round-over the edges of the false drawer fronts (Y).

Step 14: Glue the false drawer fronts (Y) to the fronts of the drawer assemblies (See Figure 5).

Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5

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